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Our Marist Tertiary programs offer face to face teaching and workshops across Australia in disciplines such as educational leadership and spirituality. These programs are accredited with specific Universities and local Catholic Education Offices.

Our Goal

'We believe ongoing learning is vital for the growth of leaders and staff in schools and organisations. We are blessed, as a Marist community, to be able to share our experiences from the last 200 years and keen to participate in today's learning and faith communities'. 

  Br John McMahon, National Director, Marist Tertiary Programs.

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Participants at the 2016 Conference held in New York

Current Director of the International Marist Universities Network is Br Roberto Mendez Lopez from our Marist University in  Queretaro, Mexico. 

New Program 2018

Leadership from a Marian Perspective, Melbourne, May 5-6, 26-27

ACU Accreditation Renewal Dates for Marist Tertiary Programs

1. Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour - 31st December 2017 (Renewal in process)

2. Marist Educational Leadership - 31st December 2017 (Renewal in process)

3. Footsteps 1 - 31st December 2018

4. Footsteps 2 - 31st December 2018

5. Leadership from a Marian Perspective - 31st December 2020


Marist Tertiary ACU Programs

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Programs 2017

Marist Educational Leadership

This program was held at St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, Sydney.

Programs 2016

Marist Educational Leadership

This program was held at Marist College, Pearce, Canberra.

Graduate Certificate, Marist Methodology

This program was held at Sacred Heart College, Somerton Park, Adelaide

Programs 2015

Marist Educational Leadership

This program was held at our Marist Centre Brunswick, Melbourne.