Welcome to Marist Tertiary Programs

Where do I start?

Contact your University or Institute Course Coordinator to see if you are able to undertake an elective unit in Marist Studies as part of your University Degree.

What do I do then?

Decide which Marist Program you wish to undertake e.g. Footsteps 1, Footsteps 2, Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour or the Marist Educational Leadership program.  This should fit in with the University Degree course you are studying.

Who do I contact to register for Marist Studies?

Contact John McMahon fms (john.mcmahon@marists.org.au) to get further information and register your interest.

Where do I find further information online?

Scroll further down this page and click the appropriate link.

Which Universities are currently offering credit to Marist students?

Australian Catholic University, University of Newcastle (Broken Bay Institute) and University of South Australia (Catholic Education South Australia)