How completion of Marist Tertiary programs can contribute to studies at some Australian tertiary institutions.

Credit in some tertiary courses may be granted for completion of Marist programs as outlined below. The Marist studies will generally be accepted as fulfilling the requirements of an Elective unit, or Independent Study.

Australian Catholic University

You may be given credit in the Master of Educational Leadership course for completion of the following Marist programs.

·       Footsteps 1 (three days);

·       Footsteps 2 (three days);

·       Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour (3-4 weeks);

·       Marist Educational Leadership (four days, mixed mode); and

·       Leadership from a Marian Perspective (two weekends, mixed mode).

BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education

You may draw on the experience of any of the five courses above to fulfil the assessment requirements for RELT 632 (online). This unit could form part of a Graduate Certificate in Theology or Master of Theology.

University of South Australia

You may be given credit for a Graduate Certificate course through satisfactory completion of the Marist Methodology program which is delivered as twelve, two hour modules in Adelaide.

Next steps

Teachers wanting to gain credit in a tertiary course should be already enrolled through a tertiary institution which recognised Marist Tertiary studies and speak to the relevant Course Coordinator to confirm the process. One or two assignments must be completed for the credit to be gained.

Teachers studying at other institutions are encouraged to explore whether they are able to use their Marist Tertiary studies towards credit in a unit of study. Further information may be sought through contacting Br John McMahon, Director Marist Tertiary.

The programs above also may meet the requirements for Diocesan and Marist Accreditation.

Jennifer Elvery