Marist Tertiary Programs

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Australian Catholic University's postgraduate options include:

1.  Postgraduate Certificate - Four Units of Study

2. Masters by Coursework - Up to Eleven Units of Study

To qualify for the Masters degree a student must complete 120 credit points (cp) from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

a. 20 cp from core Educational Leadership Units; EDLE680 completed; EDLE681 completed

b. at least 10 cp from Research Units; EDRS604

c.  20 cp from Capstone Project Units; EDRS610 (20cp) 

d. up to 70 cp from the schedule of unit offerings with a maximum of four elective units from other approved ACU Masters/AQF Level 8 or 9 courses, with the approval of the Course Coordinator, EDLE605 completed; EDLE636 completed; EDLE633 completed; EDLE632 completed; 3 Marist Programs accredited with ACU (see below).

Once these three final units are completed, students need to submit the credit form to have the course credited to your degree.

The University's Postgraduate Course Guide for 2018 for the Faculty of Education and Arts can be downloaded here.

Submitting Assignments

Assignments are sent to the Course Administrator, Postgraduate Studies.

The email address is:

All assignments for a particular program are sent together (normally 2 of 3 assignments).

The Course Administrator organises invoices and marking and returns marked assignments to students, once the marking fee has been paid by Br John McMahon.

Marist Programs Accredited with ACU

Masters by Coursework - Students participating in any of the following five programs can earn credit at ACU:

Footsteps 1

Footsteps 2

Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour

Marist Educational Leadership

Leadership from a Marian Perspective

There are no ACU codes for these Marist units as they count as unspecified elective credits only.

They each receive 10cp unspecified credit into the Faculty of Education and Arts' 120cp AQF9 Masters and its nested courses that allow for electives. 

Further information about each of these programs can be found here

To register for any of these Marist Courses which are accredited with ACU please click