Welcome to Marist Tertiary Programs

Where do I start?

Contact your University or Institute Course Coordinator to see if you are able to undertake an elective unit in Marist Studies as part of your University Degree.

What do I do then?

Decide which Marist Program you wish to undertake e.g. Footsteps 1, Footsteps 2, Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour or the Marist Educational Leadership program.  This should fit in with the University Degree course you are studying.

Who do I contact to register for Marist Studies?

Contact John McMahon fms (john.mcmahon@marists.org.au) to get further information and register your interest.

Where do I find further information online?

Scroll further down this page and click the appropriate link.

Which Universities are currently offering credit to Marist students?

Australian Catholic University, University of Newcastle (Broken Bay Institute) and University of South Australia (Catholic Education South Australia)

Australian Catholic University

University Courses

Three of the University's postgraduate options are:

1.  Graduate Certificate - Four Units of Study

2. Graduate Diploma - Eight Units of Study

3. Masters by Coursework - Up to Twelve Units of Study

To qualify for the Masters degree a student must complete 80 credit points (cp) from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

a. 20 cp from core units; EDLE640 completed; EDLE641 completed

b. at least 20 cp from Specialist Units; EDLE605 completed; EDLE636 completed

c. up to 40 cp from Specialist Units or Electives. EDLE633 completed; EDLE632 completed; 2 more units to complete.

Once these two final units are completed, students need to submit the credit form to have the course credited to your degree.

The University's Postgraduate Course Guide for 2016 for the Faculty of Education and Arts can be downloaded here.

Submitting assignments: Assignments are sent to Rhonda Lu, Course Administrator, Postgraduate Studies.

Rhonda's email address is: EducationArts.PG@acu.edu.au

Rhonda organises invoices and marking and returns marked assignments to students, once the marking fee has been paid by Br John McMahon.

Marist Programs Accredited with these University Courses

Masters by Coursework - Students participating in any of the following four programs can earn credit at ACU:

Footsteps 1,

Footsteps 2,

The International Pilgrimage and Study Tour

The Marist Educational Leadership Program.

There are no ACU codes for these Marist units as they count as unspecified elective credits only.

Further information about each of these programs is outlined below.

Footsteps 1

This Course is accredited with ACU. A three-day residential program exploring Marist charism, identity, pedagogy and spirituality.  Six programs are being held in 2017 at The Hermitage, Mittagong, New South Wales.  Further information can be obtained below, including the Assessment task.

The program outline for Footsteps 1 can be downloaded here.

Footsteps 2

This Course is accredited with ACU. A three-day residential program for experienced Marist educators to enrich and vitalise their appreciation of Marist spirituality and education, building on the content of the Footsteps 1 program.  Two programs are being held in 2017 at The Hermitage, Mittagong, New South Wales.

The program outline for Footsteps 2 can be downloaded here.

Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour

The next Pilgrimage and Study Tour will be held from 16th April 2017 to 30th May 2017.  As the Program is accredited with ACU, participants who are enrolled in Courses at ACU will need to write essays on topics related to the Pilgrimage and Study Tour in order to gain credit.  Information about the assessment requirements can be found here.

Marist Educational Leadership Program

This Course is accredited with ACU.  It will be offered on 5th - 6th August, 2017 and 26th - 27th August, 2017.  The Course will be held at St Joseph's College, Mark Street, Hunters Hill, Sydney NSW 22110 and presented by Dr Jennifer Elvery and Br John McMahon (Tel 0417 879 758).

Participants travelling from outside Sydney are asked to find your own accommodation. The contact person at St Joseph's College is Mr Paul Brooks Email: pbrooks@joeys.org

The only charge for the program is the $630 you pay when registering through the MSA Website.  ACU charges to mark student essays.  This cost is covered by MSA.

Certificate of Attendance  All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance which allows them to claim up to six hours per day of their own personal hours of Professional Development.

The Course covers the following topics:

1.  The Meaning of Leadership

2. Marcellin Champagnat's Leadership

3. The Theological Dimension of Marist Leaders

4. The Emotions of Leaders

5.  The Marist School Movement

6.  Leadership Teams and Networks

7.  Marist Leadership and Social Justice

8.  Formative Agencies

The program flyer can be accessed here.

The program outline, approved by ACU in 2015 for three years, can be downloaded here.

Interested participants can enrol here:  http://msa.edu.au/registration-for-programmes/ or by emailing register@marists.org.au

This four day program is also accredited with the Catholic Education Office in Canberra for Accreditation C.


To register for any of these Marist Courses which are accredited with ACU please click https://maristschools.ismartsoftware.net/iRegister/Courses

University of Notre Dame Australia

Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour

Students enrolled in the Masters of Education and attending a Marist Pilgrimage can apply for credit for a Unit on completion of 5,500 word essay.  The University contact person is the Assistant Dean Professor Chris Hackett at Chris.Hackett@nd.edu.au Chris is located at the Perth Campus. Other relevant staff at this campus are the Dean Professor Michael O'Neill and Lecturer Dr Shane Lavery.

University of South Australia

Marist Methodology for Catholic Education

The University of South Australia accredits a Graduate Certificate in Catholic Education in partnership with the Catholic Education Office of South Australia. The Certificate contains four courses: 1. Scripture 2. Theology 3. Curriculum and 4. Methodology. Each Course has 26 contact hours and assessment tasks totalling 4,500 words or the equivalent. It is accredited by the University at Australian Qualifications Standard Level 4.

In 2014 Sacred Heart College, Adelaide sponsored a Methodology Course in which participants focused on Marist Studies. The handbook for the course can be accessed here. A similar program is being organised for 2018.  Further information can be obtained from the National Director of Marist Tertiary Programs, John McMahon at john.mcmahon@marists.org.au 

On 18th March 2016, Liz Dickinson, from Catholic Education South Australia, explained the course arrangements as follows:

The course is owned by Marist Schools Australia and not UniSA, and Marist Schools Australia have sought accreditation at level 8 for the course. Being granted this accreditation means that educators who have successfully completed the Marist Methodology for Catholic Education course, as adjudged by Marist Schools Australia, can apply and will be granted credit (or advanced standing) toward the UniSA Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies for this completion, in place of its equivalent, the Teaching Methodologies in Catholic Education unit, that is a part of the UniSA Graduate Certificate in Education (Catholic Education).

Prior to submitting their assignments for assessment, Marist students are required to upload these assignments to the 'standard academic integrity program Turnitin' as stipulated by Greg Bowyer from the University of South Australia's School of Education.

Those completing Footsteps 1 are also eligible for this Graduate Certificate in Education Unit if they complete the assessment tasks required by the Unit and have them satisfactorily assessed by Marist Schools Australia.

Accreditation with Catholic Education South Australia (CESA)

An induction module must be completed by all teachers who are appointed to a position in a SA Catholic school. This is a two day module: a half a day focusing on the Catholic Identity of the system and its schools.

Teacher Accreditation in CESA is required by permanent teachers and must be completed within five years. This accreditation is fulfilled with the completion of four semester length units in tertiary level Catholic Studies. These can be undergraduate or post graduate courses (or a combination). Most do this through the University of South Australia's Graduate Certificate in Catholic Education. The Marist Methodology course sits within this suite of four Units.

This CESA accreditation is equivalent to a second band in some jurisdictions which applies to RE teachers, and they would have a lower band for other teachers.

Some other jurisdictions would have a higher band for leaders.  CESA has the requirement, articulated not in an accreditation policy but in recruitment policies, of a Masters degree (or studying towards it) for Assistant Principals - Religious Identity and Mission (APRIMS) with a significant component in Catholic Studies.

BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education

The Institute has a 'directed study' Course which is open to any appropriate content and has a fairly flexible assessment protocol.  The assessment is carried out by the Institute and requires enrolment in an Institute Course. Marists are currently availing themselves of this option. One such Course is the Institute's RELT6032.  This applies to students enrolled in BBI's Graduate Certificate in Theology or the Institute's Master of Theology.  The Unit Outline for this Course can be downloaded here.  Information about Broken Bay Institute's Master of Theology can be found here. Our contact person is Dr Dan Fleming (daniel.fleming@newcastle.edu.au) who is the Institute's course coordinator.