Marist College Canberra and Canberra Goulburn Catholic Education: Work, Teach Lead.

Marist College Canberra and Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Education have agreed the following pathways for staff to meet Work, Teach, Lead Accreditation requirements in the Diocese.   

 Accreditation A and B

It is agreed that the Marist Canberra programmes for A (Modules 1 – 4) and B (Modules 5 – 8), as documented and presented, meet Accreditation requirements for both CE and MSA

Accreditation C

The following are agreed as pathways for Marist teachers to attain Accreditation C, meeting requirements for both CE and MSA. Teachers to complete one of the following:

a)      Four units of post-grad study in Theology and/or RE

b)      Participation in the four day ACU Masters level Unit, Marist Educational Leadership, facilitated by Br John McMahon

c)      Participation in Modules 1 – 4 of Foundations of Catholic Leadership facilitated by CE. Attendance of Marist teachers at this and other CE facilitated programmes to be validated by CE.

d)      Footsteps I and II, Marist Mission and Life programmes – to meet Accreditation requirements the person needs to participate fully in the programme, submit and pass all assignments.

e)      Completion of ACU M.Ed.RE. unit EDRE642

f)       Other options as agreed by Marist and CE

Accreditation D and E: completion of post-graduate studies as specified in documentation from CE and MSA.