MT102 Footsteps 2

This Course is accredited with ACU. The program involves participation in a three-day residential program. It is designed for experienced Marist educators as a way of enriching and vitalising their appreciation of Marist spirituality and education, building on the content of the Footsteps 1 program.  Two programs are being held in 2018 at The Hermitage, Mittagong, New South Wales.

Program dates:

16 - 19 June, 2019

4 - 7 August, 2019

Assessment Requirements:

Assignment 1  (1500 words)

Critique approaches to evangelisation currently in use in Australia. 

Assignment 2  (1500 words)

Analyse Marist approaches to evangelisation as outlined in the literature.

Assignment 3  (2500 words)

Given today’s challenges, propose how contemporary Marist educators might carry out their mission most effectively with particular reference to evangelisation.

The program outline for Footsteps 2 can be downloaded here.