MT301 Marist Pilgrimage and Study Tour

The next Pilgrimage and Study Tour will be held from Sunday 29th September 2019 to Thursday 17th October 2019.  As the Program is accredited with ACU, participants who are enrolled in Courses at ACU will need to write essays on topics related to the Pilgrimage and Study Tour in order to gain credit.

Information about the program can be found here.

The revised Assessment Requirements, approved in 2016, can be found here.

As with all ACU accredited programs, assessment needs to be completed within 18th months of completion on the Program.

Assignments are sent to the Course Administrator, Postgraduate Studies. The email address is:

The Course Administrator organises invoices and marking and returns marked assignments to students, once the marking fee has been paid by Br John McMahon.

To register online: